Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – $ 520000 Sales in 7 Weeks

Hello and welcome to this Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial. Today, I want to give you an update on my Cloud Token Wallet experience. In my first post I talked about my first impressions about Cloud Token after 3 weeks.

Before I talk about my results, I would like to address a few more basic things that are part of my Cloud Token Wallet experience.
You cannot fail here! That sounds weird, but it’s the truth. There are two ways to earn money here. Either you transfer your cryptocurrencies to the Cloud Token Wallet app and activate the Jarvis AI. This trading bot generates returns every day. The average daily return is 0.33% on your deposit.

Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – 6-12% a month

You don’t have to do anything after activating Jarvis AI. You can take out your initial investment at any time. There is no minimum investment period. The same is true for your daily rewards in CTO tokens. Starting with 10 pieces you can exchange them within the Cloud Token Wallet App to Ethereum. You can then transfer your ETH to external wallets. Everyone can do that. Failing is impossible. This is an important part of my positive experience with Cloud Token.
The Cloud Token Wallet App is available for Android and iOS in the respective store. The fact that it’s part of both stores confirms how serious this business is. Especially the App Store has very high standards for listing new apps.

Here are the two links for download:
Cloud Token Wallet for Android
Cloud Token Wallet for iOS

To activate the app, you need to enter a referral code. If you take the one below, it will have additional benefits for you, which I will discuss in more detail.
If you need help with setting up your wallet you can watch the video. Every step will be explained in 2 minutes.

Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – Half a Million Sales in 7 Weeks

The second way to earn money is to refer people to the Cloud Token Wallet app. I have decided to go this way. You will see the result below.

cloud token wallet testimonial our team
Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – Our Team

It is possible to achieve this kind of turnover with little effort.
After the first week of positive experience with cloud token wallet, I started recommending it to other people. Referring people to Cloud Token is easy since the product is very simple.

You simply transfer your cryptos from A to B and get a reward for holding these cryptos. No investment, no minimum term, everything is transparent – and all in one app. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is easy! If you can excite others about Cloud Token, your sales will grow fast.
So, it does not matter which way you choose, there is no way not to make money.
To earn your referral commissions, there are two rules to follow.

  1. You must have at least $ 500 worth of cryptos in your Jarvi AI. I always recommend adding a bit more, e.g. $ 600- $ 650 to compensate for price fluctuations.
  2. For each level you want to unlock, you need a direct partner who also meets the condition above.
    An example: You have 5 direct partners with at least $ 500 each in Jarvis AI, then you get commission for five levels. For direct partners you get 100% matching bonus, for the second level 50% and for level three and beyond you get 5%. Matching bonus means if your partner gets 10 CTO tokens in level 1 on a specific day, you will also get these 10 tokens.
cloud token wallet testimonial compplan
Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – Simple Compplan

Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – Where does the money come from?

The answer is quite simple, from crypto trading. You must know that only a small part of the trading volume consists of customer deposits. However, the revenues are earned on the entire volume of the company and only a small part must be paid out to customers. To ensure this, the company creates an Ethereum Pool which is used to buy back your CTO tokens. The remaining funds go back to trading the next day, increasing the total trading volume.

But why do they need our funds if they have enough capital on their own?
I would like to answer this question using only two arguments. There are certainly more.
The blockchain behind Cloud Token is based on smartphones. The more users the Cloud Token Wallet app has, the faster the Blockchain becomes.
On the other hand, Ronald Aai (Chief Developer) has big plans for future projects. From travel portal to credit cards. This requires a large community. How do we get these services? By paying them using the CTO tokens every participant receives.
There will be more trading bots coming out. Here is a quote from Ronald Aai in regards of the next project.

Project FRIDAY. Enable big whales to keep their assets in their own exchanges for the FRIDAY AI Engine to help them trade. FRIDAY AI engine is an advanced and more aggressive version of the JARVIS AI. It will trade ALT Coin pairs and also has advanced trading strategies like ICEBERG, TWINSPLIT, RATTATOULLIE and many more. Coming soon

Cloud Token Wallet Testimonial – The Best App 2019!

The tokens can also be held and collected. The price has gone from $ 0.30 to $ 0.469 and will definitely reach the $ 50 or $ 100 mark. These who collect their tokens will have a lot of fun in a year when selling them back to Cloud Token.
Where are your advantages if you use this code 1277317302?
Everyone in our team gets the support he needs. We regularly offer webinars for you and your prospects. There are free landing pages, over 15 videos, as well as Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

Conclusion: My cloud token wallet experiences are absolutely positive. I highly recommend the company, which is registered in Australia.
If you have further questions just follow the links below the post or contact me via Whatsapp +491632036134.
See at the top, best regards, Norman
Cloud Token Wallet German
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